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Tyler Gilchrist

March 28, 2022

Tyler is a research and strategy consultant focused on how people experience, interpret and co-create meaning with all things designed – communications, systems, products, digital environments, architectural environments and the future.

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Bret Goble

March 28, 2022

Bret Goble has joined RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP’s Quantitative Practice as Vice President, Data Analytics.

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Pat Hughes

March 28, 2022

Pat has an extensive market research background with client, ad agency and supplier experience.

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Melanie Kaplan

March 28, 2022

Melanie, RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP’s Executive Vice President and Humanist, has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative disciplines — working across numerous sectors, specializing in healthcare, for both public and private organizations.

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Celeste Kirk

September 26, 2022

Celeste has over 25 years of marketing research experience – across both qualitative and quantitative methodologies – working with many of Canada’s largest companies fulfilling their consumer insight needs and to help shape the strategic development of the organization.  She is consumer-focused – ensuring that the “voice of the customer” is heard and actioned to drive the business forward. 

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Amy Knowles

April 13, 2022

Amy has always been fascinated by what makes people tick.

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liu, rain

Rain Liu

March 28, 2022

Rain is a results-driven Consumer Insights/Market Research Professional with over ten years of experience of leading complex research projects, delivering trusted, fact-based insights synthesizing analytics learnings with research learnings to tell a complete story.

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William O’Connor

June 6, 2023

William has worked in the research business for over 25 years. He’s skilled in a broad variety of research methods, but his heart lies in qualitative.

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Nicole Mackereth

March 28, 2022

Nicole Mackereth brings 20+ years of experience in communicating complex topics to diverse audiences.

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Deniz Ozkan

August 3, 2022

Deniz is an accomplished public sector executive and an experienced market researcher. She has worked for Canada’s largest market research companies.

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ozkan, deniz