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navATELIER is about bringing people and ideas together in hands-on, dynamic, co-creation. The result, brands make smarter strategic decisions about the future based on new and different ways of seeing.

Our team has a depth of expertise in diverse approaches, including behavioural science, ethnography, semiotics, psychoanalytics, systems thinking, design thinking, AI, communication, advanced statistics, and strategic foresight.

As a hub of experts, we engage clients and consumers in highly participatory, connective, co-creation sessions. We further ensure consumer insights are embodied through facilitated workshops and exercises, such as exploring designers’ biases and assumptions.

At navATELIER, we combine craft and science to help your teams deeply empathize with who they are designing for, and to foster a culture of innovation within your organization, so your brand strategy grows with consumers.

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engaging with our hub of experts

navATELIER vision

Innovate, create more resilient strategy, evolve your brand, and/or reframe your value proposition in disrupted sectors.

We recommend our ‘consumers future’ approach to strategic foresight – including framing, horizon scanning, and scenario planning phases – designed to identify drivers of change, critical uncertainties, plausible futures, the innovation required, and the strategy needed today to thrive tomorrow.

For questions like…

“We manufacture plastics and are planning for a non-plastics future. How do we reposition now to build consumer buy-in for these innovations?”

“We have several cannabis brands and want to expand beyond our existing consumers. How do we innovate our business model to compete more sustainably?”

With outcomes like…

  • innovation roadmaps
  • reframed value proposition
  • business model innovation
  • repositioned brands
  • resilient futures

navATELIER rethink

Rethink and reframe your strategy to produce different thinking, feeling, decisions, and behaviours.

We will scale up consumer engagements through online, multi-day behavioural explorations, then dig deep by identifying how people unconsciously think and reason about concepts, design, experiences, and brands through cognitive interviews.

For questions like…

“We distill spirits and want to ensure strategic growth with Gen Z. We want to identify opportunities for our brands by better understanding what is really driving the trend toward low/no alcohol beverages.”

“We are noticing fewer visitors at our on-premise experiences (casinos, cinemas, chains). What emerging needs are driving this change?”

With outcomes like…

  • identification of unconscious mental models
  • reframed communications strategies
  • intervention strategies
  • training designers/decision makers to think like customers
  • requirements for success

navATELIER design

Create something new – be it a new product, service or some combination of both.

Leverage design thinking to frame your challenge, create empathy with users, co-create concepts, and develop prototypes to test your vision.

For questions like…

“We are in the process of securing the next round of funding for an innovative urban mobility device. How do we ensure our service is inclusive of all our users’ needs, especially people with disabilities?”

“I run a tech firm, looking to stay ahead of disruption. How should we approach learning more about our intended users?”

With outcomes like…

  • new product or service design strategies
  • co-design/co-creation principles

navATELIER change

Change existing behaviour and/or create brand new behaviour.

Design a behaviour change intervention strategy by identifying and understanding the desired behaviour, developing intervention prototypes, then systematically evaluating and confirming the intervention for effectiveness.

For questions like…

“Our public sector employees must adopt a new educational program. How should we design our communications strategy to inspire onboarding and ensure behavioural change?”

“We are launching a new digital financial product to increase customer acquisition. How should we position this to build trust with cryptocurrencies?”

With outcomes like…

  • behaviour change intervention strategies

You are under pressure to anticipate what’s next, while remaining relevant to today’s consumers. We will identify immediate actions based on what people think and feel about your brand now – often on an unconscious level – and will help you connect that to strategic, insights-led innovation.

Contact our team today and learn something new about consumers.  

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