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You are under pressure to anticipate what’s next, while remaining relevant to today’s consumers. With ever-growing possibilities, planning your brand’s future can be daunting.

That’s where navATELIER – an idea at RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP can help.

We will identify actions for you to take immediately for enduring success – whatever happens. How? Our experts understand what people think and feel about your brand now – often on an unconscious level – and will help you connect that to strategic, insights-led innovation.

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navATELIER is about bringing people and ideas together in hands-on, dynamic, co-creation. The result, brands make smarter strategic decisions about the future based on new and different ways of seeing.

Our team has a depth of expertise in diverse approaches, including behavioural science, ethnography, semiotics, psychoanalytics, systems thinking, design thinking, AI, communication, advanced statistics, and strategic foresight.

As a hub of experts, we engage clients and consumers in highly participatory, connective, co-creation sessions. We further ensure consumer insights are embodied through facilitated workshops and exercises, such as exploring designers’ biases and assumptions.

At navATELIER, we combine craft and science to help your teams deeply empathize with who they are designing for, and to foster a culture of innovation within your organization, so your brand strategy grows with consumers.

Get in touch today to transform your brand strategy with our fresh insights and unique combinations of expert perspectives.

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Insights-led innovation

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