Market Segmentation Strategies

Develop effective, targeted strategies based on distinct, stable, and deeply motivating needs

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Our unique choice-based approach to market segmentation strategies is better.

Our insights offer tactical and strategic benefits by addressing immediate business needs, while also identifying future directions for the category, prioritizing new opportunities, and targeting ideas for communications. We employ a choice-based approach rather than the widely-used ratings-based approach.

The difference is profound. Analysis is strengthened by reflecting real differences in needs, not differences in response patterns to a scaled question. Our predictive simulator is highly accurate, statistically stable, and easy to include in future studies—predicting which segment a consumer is in with as few as 5 key questions.

We employed a multi-phase approach to market segmentation strategies that includes:

  • excitement workshop
  • qualitative using BSci. or psychoanalytics
  • quantitative choice-based
  • internalization workshop
  • persona development

Reduce noise with choice-based approach

Differentiate on true drivers of behaviour

Increase adoption with internalization workshops

Create future-oriented strategies with user-friendly simulator

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