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Industries with more growth potential and popularity around the world than sports and leisure are few and far between. Is your brand ready? Are you staying on top of things?

If you are unsure, we can help.

At RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP we are focused on uncovering unique, forward-looking insights that will drive actionable change within your organization. We pride ourselves on considering these and many other factors, as we have done for more than three decades.

leisure marketing research

two seniors walking on the beach with the ocean in the background, slightly blurry, they are holding hands and looking at each other, smiling, wearing wamr jackets and scarves

Go below surface level and rating scales.

Understand consumers more deeply, in ways they are not able to articulate. Brands who are tuned into people’s unconscious needs and motivations seem intuitive, like they just ‘get them’.

While tourism is facing unmitigated disaster with one upheaval after another, the $5 Billion travel sector continues to grow. Seniors have always been a critically important group for the leisure industry. Estimates are, one third of all trips are taken by tourists who are over 50, though they account for only one quarter of the global population. And, we at RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP have a unique depth of experience with the 50+ demographic. Understanding this often misunderstood, complex cohort is critical for growth and resilience.

Sports marketing research

There are many reasons why this sector is as competitive as it is these days. Not the least of which being all that’s changing, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and other global upheavals.

Sports marketing research provide brands with insights to grow revenue through deeper understanding of current supporters, as well as identifying budding audiences and strategic sponsorship opportunities.

We answer the question, where are your new fans coming from?


three students with backpacks, two males seen from behind, slightly blurry background, one female smiling and turning to face the camera in front

Whether it’s professional sports leagues, streaming media, gaming, or global tourism, we apply our industry-leading, predictive techniques to the job at hand. Implemented by staff dedicated to sports and leisure market research.

We encourage you to get in touch and let us show you how we can help build a more resilient future for your brand.

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