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Companies in the packaged goods (CPG) industry must navigate ever-evolving markets. To stay competitive, brands need to develop resilient strategies that remain relevant to consumers, even in uncertain times. Companies that truly understand consumers’ unconscious needs and motivations are better equipped to design products and marketing message that resonate.

When it comes to packaged goods and consumers’ purchasing behaviour, you have to start with ‘the why’.

We believe, CPG market research is as much about uncovering unconscious needs and motivations that drive consumer decision making, as it is about understanding the marketplace. Why? Needs are more stable and predictive–yet also, more difficult to reveal.


CPG Market Research

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Honestly. There’s a lot in our world we can’t make sense of these days. But when it comes to consumer packaged goods, we’re confident we can.

Getting into consumers’ minds to figure out why they do what they do is something we at RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP excel at. It’s something we thrive on.

Here, it’s about digging deep into the motivations, the beliefs, even the economic outlook of customers in your specific category. It’s about getting answers to questions from respondents without overtly asking. It’s about uncovering the ‘why’ behind behaviour, which people are not aware of, or able to articulate. Let us tell you what people are really buying.

Then and only then, can you begin to predict consumer behaviour.

At RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP, we have a 28-year track record of doing exactly that for local, national, and global brands. And regardless of the size of the client, their product, and the task at hand, we take great pride in going that extra mile. Taking things a step further than most.

Perhaps that’s why so many of our past clients come back again and again for the unique consumer insights we’re able to uncover. And why we tend to become strategic CPG market research partners along the way.

Please get in touch. We’re confident our CPG market research team can help develop brand, packaging, and communication strategies that, in the end, will go a long way way in meeting the needs of your current and prospective consumers. And of course, grow revenue.

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