Consumer Behaviour Analysis

Encourage desired behaviour by understanding biases and barriers in decision-making.

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Behavioural Science (BSci.) investigates the systematic, yet predictable ways in which people act “irrationally”.

Many day-to-day decisions are shaped by unconscious, intuition-based psychological forces called cognitive biases or heuristics. When we understand how cognitive biases shape decision-making, we can affect consumers’ decision-making pathways. Utilize context, stimuli and/or experience to “nudge” decisions and behaviour in the desired direction. This applies to consumers, patients, and HCPs.

Behavioural science allows us to pinpoint and test for the most salient drivers of behaviours without simply asking consumers to articulate them. We also leverage behavioural science to guide ideation and seamlessly bridge insights with strategy.

Our enhanced consumer behaviour analysis creates better, deeper understanding of consumer behaviour, resulting in unique strategic recommendations. Our BSci team is integral to our unique approach to needs-based segmentation, journey mapping, design research and strategic foresight.

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