Message Model

Optimize messaging with a predictive model leveraging the impact of communication elements

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Identify effective corporate communications and marketing messages with a predictive model that allows you to test different scenarios.

Message Model is conducted using a custom discrete choice technique, allowing us to optimize consumer messaging elements. Discrete choice modeling can provide better answers that you would get from direct questioning by looking at a range of factors that are considered when making purchasing decisions.

We measure respondents’ willingness to trade-off various message components against each other and determine the impact of each communication element. We then propose the optimal messaging strategy.

Because elements, not complete concepts, are tested, communications teams can refine strategies without having to go back into field.

“Even though we didn’t test it, could we put the image from the first territory with the headline from the second, and combine it with the message from the third territory?”

Yes, you can.

Our clients, many in regulated industries, use Message Model to deliver the best communication territories for their communications teams to utilize.

Optimize messaging based on individual elements

Refine strategies without additional testing

behaviour with robust simulator

Create messages that truly resonate

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