The key to understanding consumer and patient behaviour lies in the unconscious.

Psychoanalytics uncovers:

- what people are actually buying
- where equity lies
- what changes you should never make
- what you must always say/never say
- how decisions are made

Through discourse analysis, stories, and collages, psychoanalytic techniques peel back the layers of the psyche to reveal what motivates people (i.e., their desires, fears, and emotions). With highly predictable reactions, the resulting mental models allow for more sophisticated marketing messages that have a higher probability of being heard and accepted.

By incorporating psychoanalytics, our insights allow you to target deep needs that most motivate and satisfy.

Psychoanalytics answers the question, "What are people buying when they buy your product or service?"

Traditional market research focuses on the small fraction of consumer behaviour that is overt. Psychoanalytics adds value by going beyond rational responses to add significantly to understanding consumers’ and patients' attitudes and needs.

RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP, with our exclusive partner Mind Meld Consulting Inc., mines the hidden world of unconscious and unstated needs to guide your marketing efforts. Our client partners in financial services, consumer products, beverage alcohol, lottery and gaming, pharmaceutical/healthcare, have benefited from insights supported by psychoanalytics.

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