Consumer Psychoanalysis

Uncover unconscious drivers of behaviour, which are stable, predictable, motivating, and most satisfying

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The key to understanding consumer and patient behaviour lies in the unconscious. Psychoanalytics involves getting inside people’s heads to understand deep-seated needs and motivations, which people may not be able to articulate or even be aware of. Appealing to unconscious desires helps drive loyalty and growth.

Market research tends to focus on the small fraction of consumer behaviour that is overt. Consumer psychoanalysis adds value by going beyond rational responses to add significantly to understanding consumers’ and patients’ attitudes and needs. Through discourse analysis, stories, and collages, psychoanalytic techniques peel back the layers of the psyche to reveal what motivates people (i.e., their desires, fears, and emotions). With highly predictable reactions, the resulting mental models allow for more sophisticated marketing messages that have a higher probability of being heard and accepted.

We integrate psychoanalytics into our unique approach to needs-based segmentation, journey mapping, applied ethnography, and other qualitative techniques. Our client partners in financial services, consumer packaged goods, beverage alcohol and cannabis, lottery and gaming, pharmaceutical/healthcare, have benefited from insights supported by consumer psychoanalysis.

RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP, with our exclusive partner Mind Meld Consulting Inc., mines the hidden world of unconscious and unstated needs to guide your marketing efforts.

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Understand how decisions are made

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