Brand Health Strategies

Enhance brand health and optimize brand positioning with future-oriented metrics

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Do you know how your brand is performing with your target audience?

If not, we can help you understand your consumers and where you should focus your marketing. Brand health studies also help you understand who your direct competitors are and measure the effectiveness of your strategy.

To maintain and enhance brand health, consumers must move across numerous thresholds: from unaware and unwilling, to loyal recommenders and brand endorsers.

Brand health can be measured using:

  • brand salience
  • brand affinity
  • purchase consideration
  • purchase incidence and loyalty
  • rational and emotional associations
  • barriers to brand use
  • spending allocation by brand

We leverage insights from an initial qualitative phase to inform quantitative research and create a simple and transparent brand health score. We use relative ranking, producing a crisper assessment of brand health than models using scale questions to examine brand attributes. We also use customized weighting of functional and emotional brand attributes to accurately define decision-making factors for the brand and category. Our powerful discrete choice modeling and future-oriented recommendations also help you optimize brand positioning and messaging.

We believe, the experience being delivered to customers is the manifestation of the brand promise – i.e., what the brand represents (or is meant to represent in the market).  Research Strategy Group has developed a powerful proprietary model to help our clients assess the strength of the customer experience. A key output is the Customer Experience Score (CES). This score is generated directly from the organization’s performance on experiential dimensions (or attributes). In so doing, prioritizing actions that will improve the customer experience are clear and direct. Compared to traditional methods – that attempt to identify (typically through key driver analysis) the experience dimensions (attributes) to act on to improve an independent metric (such as CSAT, NPS, etc.) – we provide our client partners with clear understanding of which experience dimensions to act on and the impact it will have on the overarching experience metric (i.e., the CES).

Build resilience

Understand markets

Deepen engagement

Increase revenue


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