Journey Mapping

Visualize how people act, think, and feel during key interactions to improve and deepen engagement.

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Journey maps trace consumer experience from initial awareness through to purchase, identifying key decision points, barriers, and actions taken along the way.

From our observations, we determine the actionable accelerators and barriers that create or hinder interest in and satisfaction with the journey—to best ensure clients can position themselves at these moments. Learning is both rational and emotional—and both are critical to understanding the journey.

We also specialize in patient journey mapping, which visualizes and describes how a patient experiences their disease or condition from first awareness of symptoms through all stages of diagnosis and treatment.

Journey mapping forms an integral part of multidisciplinary studies, supporting strategic foresight, design research, needs-based segmentations, and optimizations.

Reveal needs and motivations behind interactions

true drivers of behaviour

Measure brand health and brand equity

Inform strategic direction and messaging

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