Ethnographic Market Research

Discover peoples' unmet, unstated needs by experiencing their lives as they do.

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Discover consumers’ unmet, unstated needs by immersing yourself in their lives to experience things as they do. With ethnographic market research, you will better understand why people do what they do, versus focusing on what they say.

Applied Ethnography provides a comprehensive overview of behaviour by exploring the context in which it occurs. Our ethnographers help you understand where the heart of consumer strategy must lie—in the personal, social, or cultural realm.

digital ethnography

Mixed race family sitting on the sofa at home and using digital devices. African-american mother using laptop while her two children using smartphones.

Digital ethnography remotely engages with consumers at home or work, to understand the context in which they make decisions. It is also a great opportunity for companies to observe customers’ behavioural patterns, how they use your product or service, and the role it plays in their daily lives.

Our unique approach to digital ethnography integrates behavioural science, psychoanalytics, semiotics, and foresight to provide meaningful consumer insights. We also develop film reports and documentaries to bring alive consumer experiences. Video reporting is more compelling, digestible, and virtual-friendly than traditional reports. When shared in workshops and brainstorming sessions, they ensure the voice of the consumer remains at the core of strategic decisions.

cognitive interviews

Cognitive interviews dive below the surface to go beyond the ‘say-do’ gap. This participant-led, non-directive interview style introduces less bias than other techniques. As a result, we identify unconscious frames, mental models, and latent needs most salient to consumers.

People cannot consciously articulate how they think about concepts, brands, or experiences at a deep level. Instead, our trained researchers generate implicit representations of meaning with participants – including metaphor, analogy, models, imagery, anecdote and other forms of non-literal language – thus enabling participants to communicate thoughts they are often not consciously aware of.

Combined with rigorous analysis, our experts deliver insight into what drives thinking and behaviour in the category, and provide the evidence required for effective, measurable strategy and meaningful change.

ethnographic market research

View Looking Out From Inside Of Refrigerator As Man Unpacks Online Home Food Delivery

Ethnographic market research observes consumers in situations that may not be controlled or too complex to be measured through quantitative data. Social, cultural, and systemic influences impact our decision making in ways that cannot be easily measured. Our team uncover insights that often lead to ideas and new innovations.

We also use ethnographic market research to develop compelling personas that help build empathy with your customers, as part of RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP’s segmentation protocol.

Get in touch to learn more about how our applied ethnography and how you can better meet your customers’ needs.

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