Lottery market study to update understanding of market structure

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An East Coast lottery jurisdiction identified the need to update its understanding of the basic market structure of its business area. Priorities were to understand overall awareness and ratings of the lottery as well as to profile player groups in terms of their demographics, behaviours, and attitudes. The results of the research were needed to provide fact-based support for future initiatives and to the general understanding of the business.

Gambler Scratching a Lottery Ticket With a Penny


RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP provided concise management summaries of key findings and implications. The results of the research were critical in refreshing the Lottery’s understanding of its business from a player perspective. Data on specific lines of business were instrumental in the formulation of fresh marketing and sales initiatives.

Understanding perceptions of the Lottery were crucial in terms of ensuring that overall Lottery communications are grounded in the findings. Based on the powerful learning from the program the client may elect to repeat the research program on a at regular intervals, so that it will serve as a valuable tracking instrument on a variety of business and customer metrics.


RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP undertook a research program with state residents and game players across a Tri-state area. Sample frames were created using information on player dispersion by zip code. Two waves of interviewing were conducted to track changes in structure, frequency of play and game player group profiles. Projections of spending for player groups and by game were calculated using mean levels of self reported spending.

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