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RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP answers your critical, complex business questions through premium, custom market research. Learn what your consumers really believe and how they will actually behave. Building on 30 years of success as strategic partners, we’ve recently expanded our UK and US teams!

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We are a full-service market research agency with global reach – and we continue to grow! Get to know our expanded UK and US teams here.

Our multidisciplinary team has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Our evidence-based, future-oriented approach helps you confidently make decisions based on what is going to happen, not what has already taken place. We provide a holistic understanding of the marketplace by weaving together leading-edge, custom market research approaches, and deliver decision-ready support across the full spectrum of business needs.

Foundational research: strategic foresight, environmental/jurisdictional scans, consumer and executive/stakeholder behavioural analysis, consumer psychoanalysis, unmet needs analysis, innovation roadmaps

Strategic research: brand positioning and optimization, consumer/market segmentation, market-sizing, product/service innovation, behavioural intervention strategies

Tactical research: brand health measurement, customer experience/CX measurement, pricing optimization, communications/creative development and testing, message modeling, journey mapping, concept testing, product/service optimization, design research, user experience/UX research, semiotics

Our unique insights consistently drive client transformations. We will help you take advantage of market opportunities with our actionable, sophisticated strategies. As collaborative, multi-disciplinary consultants, we might start as advisors—but we quickly become partners.

Benefits of strategic partnerships include:

  • Depth of category experience and access to historic data.
  • Reduced onboarding time and custom-built deliverables.
  • Layered findings to tell a comprehensive brand story.

We’re a team of seasoned experts across diverse industries, including packaged goods, lottery and gaming, financial services, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, beverage alcohol and cannabis, and sports and leisure. Our deep experience means we speak to clients in their language, provide pragmatic recommendations, and uncover previously unknown opportunities.

Our clients have a mix of global and national brands – and no matter the scale, they always come first. Our clients consistently return to us with their most important customer, product, and market opportunities.  Not only does our team of dedicated professionals have a depth of expertise in a wide range of research methods, but also, we have a depth of experience across many industries.

We will deliver you with insights that can help you overcome some of the business challenges you are facing and take advantage of opportunities with actionable, sophisticated strategies. You can feel comfortable knowing that we have the capabilities and capacity to help any business. We start as advisors—but we become partners.

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RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP is an insights agency focused on innovation. We have been in business since 1994, but we have never rested on our laurels. In an industry sometimes known for its conservative nature, we push to innovate. 

Thankfully, we have been fortunate enough to have clients who appreciate our constant quest for more and better insight. In fact, they have come to rely on it. And not just in Canada, but around the world. 

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