Complete market research solutions to support the health + wellness sector

Connect with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals on a deeper, more motivating, and satisfying level.

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September 15, 2021

Complete market research solutions to support the health + wellness sector

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We have deep expertise in the health and wellness sector. To answer your most complex business questions, we offer a comprehensive suite of custom, creative research solutions at all stages of the product lifecycle.

Clinical trial to market

  • market dynamics + profiling
  • segmentation
  • journey mapping
  • market opportunities
  • product positioning
  • KOL identification
  • concept testing
  • message development
  • message optimization
  • price optimization

Evolving the brand

  • brand opportunities
  • competitive benchmarking
  • post launch tracking
  • message recall/effectiveness
  • user/non-user profiling
  • drivers and barriers to use
  • PSP development/assessment

Growth and Maturity
Dynamic opportunities

  • market profiling + dynamics
  • image assessment
  • brand equity assessment
  • product repositioning
  • portfolio + price optimization
  • reformulations + new indications
  • packaging changes
  • communication tracking

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Sarah Parnes, Senior Vice President |

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