Understanding the journey: People living with mental illness

Mental health is different for everyone. And, everyone has a unique story to tell. Build greater empathy through journey mapping.

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July 21, 2021

Understanding the journey: People living with mental illness

It’s so important to connect with people. And, mental health is more important than ever right now.

My team and I do a lot of patient journey mapping for our clients. We work with them to help broaden their awareness and gain a deeper understanding of the journey and experiences faced by people living with mental illness. We focus on each person’s feelings, accomplishments, motivations, influences, barriers, fears, and triggers.

mature lady crisis - attractive middle aged woman with grey hair sad and depressed in bed feeling scared and lonely thinking worried about covid-19 virus pandemic during home lockdown

We know:

  • Mental illness is different for everyone; everyone has their own unique story to tell
  • There are a multitude of factors contributing to each individual’s experiences
  • Mental health not only affects the person, but also, their family and support network
  • Mental illness cannot be treated with medication alone – having an environment and support system where they feel heard, respected, understood, and valued is critical to their success

There is no type and there are no rules when it comes to gender, age, socioeconomic status, location, occupation, lifestyle, etc.

Be kind. Help end stigma.

To learn more about how journey mapping can help your business, please email me at sarahparnes@rsginc.net.


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