INTRODUCING: Market research masterclass for client-side marketers & insights professionals

Our new masterclass program is designed to give established marketing professionals an understanding of how to more deeply connect with consumers.

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March 24, 2021

INTRODUCING: Market research masterclass for client-side marketers & insights professionals

UPDATE: SPOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED! Please keep in touch if you are interested in upcoming seasons.


Client-side researcher? Click here for more information on our Masterclass for client-side researchers Season 3!

Due to the popularity of our Masterclass for client-side researchers, we are happy to announce our new Market Research Masterclass for marketers and insights professionals!

Led by senior experts, this complimentary program is designed for established marketing professionals looking to understand predictive research techniques and how to connect with consumers on a deeper, more motivating level.

What you will learn

Based on our unique blend of techniques, we will discuss how to leverage research to uncover what your consumers are really buying, to track and improve brand equity, and to solve complex business issues.

You will enjoy candid conversations with our specialists in discrete choice modeling, choice-based segmentation, behavioural science, optimization, design research, applied ethnography, semiotics, and strategic foresight.

Whether you are a professional in packaged goods, financial services, alcohol beverages, healthcare or gaming, our diverse experts can arm you with tools to accelerate your career.

the details

The Masterclass program includes four 90-minute interactive Zoom sessions (weekly on Thursdays from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm ET).

It is complimentary and open for all CLIENT-SIDE marketers and insights professionals. We can guarantee you will be educated, entertained, and challenged by experts from a variety of industry disciplines.

Contact Melanie Kaplan to register:

curriculum and course leaders

Week 1 | April 15  It’s Not All Numbers and Tables – Fundamentals of Marketing Research and its Many Roles in Solving Business Challenges – Jim PetersonAnne Coulter

Week 2 | April 22  Optimizing Brand, Pricing and Communications (Advanced Analytics & Methods e.g. Discrete Choice, Segmentation, etc.) – Anne Coulter, Daniel Taylor

Week 3 | April 29  Using Behavioural Sciences for a Deeper Understanding of Customers (Psychoanalytics, Behavioural Science, Ethnography, Semiotics, UX and Design Research) – Jim Peterson, Anoushka Gupta, Vanessa Campbell

Week 4 | May 6  Laying the Groundwork for the Future of your Business – Innovation and Strategic Foresight – Jim Peterson, Michael Dorr, Tyler Gilchrist

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