Last Revised: March 1, 2024

When you participate in our market research surveys and events, your personal privacy will be protected.

You can be assured of the following:


  • We will not make your Personal Information available to anyone without your knowledge unless it is for research purposes only or if required by law. This includes your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • We will never try to sell you anything and we will never sell your name to anyone. That is not our business. We are not telemarketers or direct marketers. We are market researchers interested only in your opinions.
  • Occasionally, we may re-contact you to validate your responses. We will never misrepresent ourselves or what we are doing.
  • Your decisions about participating in a study, responding to specific questions, or discontinuing participation will be respected without question.

If you have any questions about how your data is stored or handled then please contact us at

We have developed our Privacy Policy based on industry guidelines and standards, and local, national, and international laws and requirements, and the privacy practices and methods described in this statement are designed to be compliant with the applicable standards, laws and requirements. RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP and the local partners we use for international projects are compliant with applicable privacy laws, including GDPR.

RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP INC. is a member of ESOMAR, the professional trade association of survey research companies that sets industry standards to which member companies must adhere, and abide by their code of conduct which can be found here:


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