What exactly is a market research online community (MROC)?

Online communities elevate qualitative research to new heights by uncovering insights that one can only get by spending time with people.

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January 25, 2022

What exactly is a market research online community (MROC)?

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If you haven’t heard of them yet, market research online communities (MROCs) are making an impact in research. MROCs take traditional qualitative research and elevate it to new heights with the use of technology and can sometimes seem more like quantitative research.

MROCs can be comprised of:

  • Customized large panels of respondents. These tend to be used for those who need a group of participants they can reach out to quickly and whenever they are needed. Participants may or may not be screened
  • Public MROCs. These are typically unscreened and very large communities. Due to the nature of this MROC, there are lots of participants but few actively participate.
  • Managed communities. These can be any size – large or small. Since they are managed, these MROCs typically have more active participants
  • Insight communities. Insight communities are the most intimate. Participants are customized, carefully screened and curated. These MROCs can be active for a few days or several weeks.

We believe the true value of an online community is uncovering those golden nuggets and generating true insights, not just data – insights one can only get by spending time with people and providing time for them to think about their answers.

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