Webinar: Introducing navATELIER

Transform your thinking with our hub of multidisciplinary experts in advanced methods, who really understand people.

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July 4, 2023

Webinar: Introducing navATELIER

Our latest webinar focused on our newest offering, navATELIER, an idea at RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP.

What is navATELIER?

Transform your thinking with our hub of multidisciplinary experts in advanced methods, who really understand people. We can identify and express what consumers unconsciously think and feel and what motivates their decisions.By blending science and craft, we help you gain the insight and empathy required to see challenges differently – and then act on them to co-create insights-led innovations. Internal teams, stakeholders, and key consumers are brought directly into our highly-participatory discovery and design process.Reframe and reinvigorate your organization’s future with our fresh combination of techniques and expertise.

During the session, we discussed…

  • why we created navATELIER
  • how to leverage co-creation for innovation and growth
  • what our client partners’ are doing about the challenges they are facing

Please enjoy a recording of the session below.

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