Honoured to be Bell Media’s Research Partner

Congratulations to presenters, Elise Rochefort and Anne Coulter, at this year's Media Insights and Engagement Conference.

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January 30, 2020

Honoured to be Bell Media’s Research Partner

Two females standing to the left of a projector screen with "Uncovering Needs States Statisfied by Video" at a conference

Bell Media’s Elise Rochefort presented ground-breaking research into the needs’ states that are satisfied by video at the Media Insights and Engagement Conference in New Orleans. Elise captivated the audience of content creators and insights professionals, as she outlined how Bell Media used psychoanalytics and choice-based segmentation to provide them with insights necessary to tailor programming and communications to various audiences. RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP is honoured to be Bell’s research partner for this project.

The presentation team was then headed to Commodore Palace for a well-deserved Cajun-influenced dinner! Congratulations team!

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