Archive of month: March 2022

JASMIN AMIN | Senior Research Manager

Jasmin has over 10 years of research experience and has worked with clients in North America, Europe and Asia. She provides clients with actionable insights that address business challenges and drive strategic initiatives. Jasmin’s passionate about identifying the unconscious motivations of consumers and educating clients about these concepts. She utilizes her knowledge in Neuropsychology, Behavioural […]

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: healthcare panel discussion

Are you in the healthcare sector and want to get more out of your market research budget?  Understandably, numerous stakeholders and multiple teams working across different departments can make it difficult to keep everyone informed. Please enjoy our latest session led by our Healthcare Team, as they discuss ways to build knowledge and share insights […]

check it out!

Immersive documentaries are an effective way to build empathy towards consumers. Compared to written reports, they can be more compelling, virtual friendly, and easier to digest. We find, sharing video reports during workshops and brainstorming sessions ensures consumers take centre stage. Insights are internalized and put to use. Check out our latest below! Reach out […]