Archive of month: November 2021

Shining a new light on 50+ tourism with our choice-based segmentation protocol

The travel sector is experiencing an unmitigated disaster. Global tourism losses since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic are estimated to reach four trillion dollars of global GDP by the end of this year (UN World Tourism Organization UNWTO – June 2021). Tourism revenues are down between 60 and 80 percent across major regions of […]

Post-legalization cannabis segmentation study

Challenge Cannabis was legalized in Canada in October of 2018. Control over the retail sale of cannabis is exercised through several provincial regulators. Each of these regulators has taken a different approach to controlling the distribution of cannabis, with levels of success varying significantly by region. The overall objectives of cannabis retailing in Canada are […]

Developing a new credit card for small businesses

Challenge A Canadian financial services company was considering developing new credit card services for micro and small businesses. Most of the institution’s commercial business is focused on smaller companies (less than 99 employees). A significant opportunity was identified to deepen those relationships by offering a business credit card that better addressed both their retail and […]

Creating resilient spaces for future success

Recent events are shedding light on our relationships with space – practically, physically, and politically. Space is certainly one of the biggest business expenses, and one that is now being reevaluated: not simply in terms of ‘the bottom line’, but how businesses can use space to drive resilience, sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. An office is […]