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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Behavioural Science webinar

In the fourth of our webinar series, Dr. Marina Rain explores different ways you can leverage behavioural science to better understand your customers. Check out the webinar below. Questions? Please reach out to Marina Rain at   about our presenter MARINA RAIN | senior research director, behavioural science    
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Innovative input to develop new VISA credit card for travelers

A large financial service firm sought innovative input to development of a new Visa credit card designed to enhance traveler’s experience. In the crowded credit card field, modeling optimal benefits and fees of a new card are key. This research identified a niche that, even with high annual fees, provided important and desired perks for […]
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Consumer needs at the heart of strategy for ice cream portfolio

A major CPG company needed to align and differentiate their ice cream portfolio to better meet consumer needs and occasions within the category For the first time in their history the client was able to put consumer needs at the heart of their marketing strategy and build strategy plans to ensure that each brand could […]
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Restructuring and developing a longstanding loyalty program

A national lottery organization initiated work to understand how to restructure and develop a longstanding loyalty program. The objectives were to streamline the program offering, maximize members’ interest and usage, and attract new members. Members and non-members of the loyalty program exhibited very different behavior and an integral gaming segment analysis teased out the low […]
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Role of infant formula programs and brand influence

Our client wanted to examine the role of infant formula programs and brand influence. Our work with expectant and new Moms led to a better understanding of milestones and pain points in the health and wellness of their baby. Caring for infants is a highly personal learning journey – especially for first time Moms. Not […]