The results are in! Global Healthy Eating Study 2020

Family eating a healthy vegetarian food. Vegan lunch table top view, plant based diet. Baked vegetables, fresh salad, berries, bread on a white background.

RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP is pleased to announce that we have the results of our Global Healthy Eating Study. The study was conducted in Canada and 9 international markets comprising over 6,000 interviews.

The study covers a range of issues including identification of common medical conditions as they relate to people’s motives for healthy eating, purchase patterns and criteria for healthy shopping. The study also examines some of the impacts of COVID 19 on healthy eating habits. As an example, the chart below shows some of the differences in how consumers seek out information about nutrition.



For more information about the report and how you can access study findings, please contact Chris Wiggins at or Zeynep Aydin at


Global Healthy Eating Study 2019