taking market research in a new direction and being ahead of the wave

The market research industry is changing rapidly due to advances in technology.  And there is no shortage of prognosticators who offer up their opinions on where the industry is headed. As a small company, we have to pick our spots, not based on where the pundits say the industry is headed, but on where we want to take our clients.  We have decided to let our efforts be guided by two main principles:

Principle #1: if you want to know the real answer, don’t ask

While that may seem counter-intuitive, it may actually be the best way to mine those useful nuggets of information.

How do we do it? We use rsgPsychoanalytics to understand the unconscious program and mental model that guides consumer decision-making, and discrete choice modelling to optimize and forecast.  Both of these approaches rely less on asking direct questions about what a consumer would be likely to do; instead by using projective techniques or a choice model, we can better anticipate behaviour.

Principle #2: using technology advancements to help clients co-create better products

We are not talking about using just online surveys; at rsg, we use our own proprietary products:

  1. rsgCrowdIntelligence (prediction market); and
  2. rsgSocial (custom, online insight community)

We have a unique method using rsgCrowdIntelligence and rsgSocial to sort through a lot of concepts initially, co-create with consumers, use those findings to guide the client to improvements, and then within the same study, retest the newly iterated ideas.