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Honoured to be Bell Media’s Research Partner

Bell Media’s Elise Rochefort presented ground-breaking research into the needs’ states that are satisfied by video at the Media Insights and Engagement Conference in New Orleans. Elise captivated the audience of content creators and insights professionals, as she outlined how Bell Media used psychoanalytics and choice-based segmentation to provide them with insights necessary to tailor […]
goble, bret

BRET GOBLE | vice president, data analytics

Bret Goble has joined RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP’s Quantitative Practice as Vice President, Data Analytics An independent voice of analytics, Bret connects the data dots to generate insights that shape and drive business and brand strategy. He specializes in tackling complex business questions, and regularly works across industries, businesses, and departments to deliver multidisciplinary answers. He […]

Five Steps to Superior Consumer Segmentation Research

The word segmentation is one of the most overused words in the marketing world today, and arguably one of the most misunderstood. In its most general sense, clients often think they have done a segmentation when they simply create groups of customers that are defined by some business metric. Typical groupings include ones such as […]

Research Strategy Group international at the Insights Association Conference in Las Vegas

Insights Association Conference attendees are eagerly awaiting a presentation tomorrow by our very own Anne Coulter! A recognized international authority on segmentation, Anne will be presenting a fascinating case study based on our industry-leading segmentation protocol. To learn how segmentation can help your business, please contact Anne at 

Why Small Tweaks Don’t Always Equal Big Changes: A Tale of Two Selves

Over the past decade or so, applying insights from behavioural science has helped us achieve remarkable things. It has helped US citizens save billions of dollars in retirement funds, increased organ donation rates and has even increased apple consumption among children! Some of these real-world applications are so impressive that they make behavioural science sounds […]

stakeholder consultation can improve the outcome of your segmentation

A successful segmentation study is a true process of collaboration between a client and their research consultant. In a past blog post (secrets to a successful segmentation,, we discussed the need to engage in a stakeholder consultative phase. These are essential to launching a successful segmentation within your organization. This enables those who are conducting the […]