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Earth Day 2019!

This past January, Loop packaging announced an initiative with large packaged goods firms including Unilever, P&G and Nestle to launch the world’s first circular shopping platform. Consumers will be able to have home delivery of iconic brands such as Tide, Haagen Daz and Crest in reusable containers. Replenishment will be automatic once you put your […]

Will Amazon, Uber Eats and Instacart Rule the World of Consumer Convenience?

Technologies of all types are transforming the nature of shopper relationships with retail brands. Massive investments in e-commerce, supply chain integration and support technologies are resulting in consumers being able to realize new levels of convenience. In the new world of hyper convenience, creating profitable customer relationships requires more and more efforts related to attraction […]

Crowd Intelligence and Beverage Alcohol Trends

Beverage alcohol is one of Canada’s most dynamic consumer categories. Innovation in the category is happening at a dizzying pace! Many of the new products in the spirits, beer and wine categories are focused on creating a premium quality positioning that leverages uniqueness and elevated brand cachet. Research Strategy Group recently used our Crowd Intelligence […]

pets are human too

The pet food/pet care industry in Canada is worth more than 9 billion dollars and is growing at about 4% per annum. Canadians clearly love their pets, with the country being home to 10 million cats, 8.5 million dogs and a wide assortment of birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. Research Strategy Group asked several questions […]

the future of personal banking in Canada

Tapping into the collective Canadian Intelligence on banking, we recently uncovered some interesting facts that Canadians predict for this sector: Virtual banks will grow at a faster rate than traditional banks over the next 3 years. Mobile banking is increasingly the channel of choice. The use of cash will largely be eliminated in the next […]

cannabis vs everything

What will happen to consumption of alcohol once cannabis is legalized? Likely, nothing. With all the talk about the pending legalization of cannabis, many citizens, and industries, are curious as to the impact it will have in Canada.  Research Strategy Group continues to study this topic in great detail. Many alcohol companies in Canada are […]

what is a prediction market?

In our opinion, prediction markets are part of the future of market research, only they are happening now in Canada at rsgCrowdIntelligence. The simplest way to think about a prediction market is to turn most of the things you believe about how to do market research upside down. Gen pop rather than specific target audience […]