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Has the virus tipped the balance in favour of sports betting?

Sports betting legislation in Canada, US, Australia, and UK Markets have been advancing at varying speeds in the legalization of single-game betting. UK and Australia have been at the forefront of these developments since the early 2000s, while North Americans have been catching up more recently.  Betting on multiple sporting events (known as a parlay) […]

aspirational brand attraction looks like this

One of the more common ways we can misidentify a brand’s potential market share is to overestimate how many non-customers are actual prospects.  In many categories, aspirational attraction or desire is a real issue as people report wanting to or being willing to purchase a brand. We recently worked in a retailer category using the […]

trust and empathy form the foundation of good qualitative

Qualitative research is such an important way to engage consumers.  Warnings of its death are certainly premature, and I suspect that much of this has to do with our desires for the latest shiny object.  Those with a preference for quantitative methods sometimes wonder how talking to a few dozen people can really mean anything […]

moderating patient research with empathy

I have spent decades conducting qualitative research on behalf of pharmaceutical / healthcare clients, much of it with patients. It is tremendously gratifying on both a personal and a professional level. And sometimes it’s heartbreaking. Qualitative research allows us to connect with respondents, to develop a relationship during the time we spend together – whether […]

Research Strategy Group’s top 10 essentials for attending a conference

Our very own Amy Davies will be speaking (Have I got a Story for you) at the MRIA Annual Conference 2015 on Monday May 25 at 1:00pm. Gearing up for the conference, Amy thought she would share her list of top 10 pieces of advice, the product of lessons learned through trial, error and observation […]

join the Research Strategy Group team!

We are currently looking to fill three positions at Research Strategy Group, and you could be one of our new team members. Research Strategy Group Toronto is looking for three interesting people to add to our team: Senior Vice President Associate Vice President Sales Associate. All three need to be ambitious go-getters who welcome a […]

reasons to use Social – Research Strategy Group’s online community

Can’t decide whether or not to use an online community for your next research study? Well, look no further! We have many reasons for you to consider Social, our online community platform. Take a look at our ever growing list of reasons to use Social. real engaged participants dynamic conversation/activities/interaction more strategic and tactical than […]

Research Strategy Group is presenting Psychoanalytics at the 2014 QRD Annual Conference

Research Strategy Group is excited to announce that our in-house psychoanalytics specialist, Thelma Beam,  and fellow Humanist, Deborah Adie Boyd, will be making a presentation on psychoanalytics at this years’ QRD Annual Conference. The theme of this years’ conference is centred on Creating Connections – adding value to research by connecting traditional qualitative methods with […]