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’tis the season…

rsg celebrated a fantastic 2017 at the gorgeous Broadview Hotel in Toronto last night. Thank you to all of our clients and partners for making the year a great one. We look forward to seeing you in 2018!

mobile research and how short attention span affects survey length

Thanks to smartphones, many people now have seemingly shorter attention spans than ever… which means that questionnaires need to be designed to keep respondents engaged and interested throughout a survey. Digital marketers target those ‘micro-moments’ of when consumers pull out their smartphones to swipe and scroll, whether it is when waiting in line for a […]

trust and empathy form the foundation of good qualitative

Qualitative research is such an important way to engage consumers.  Warnings of its death are certainly premature, and I suspect that much of this has to do with our desires for the latest shiny object.  Those with a preference for quantitative methods sometimes wonder how talking to a few dozen people can really mean anything […]

are you second screening yet?

What does that mean and how real is it? What does it mean for you and your business and why should you care about second screening? Unless you’ve been living on a moon of Jupiter, you probably have heard the news: things are changing in our world of marketing, advertising and media and they’re changing […]