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Has the virus tipped the balance in favour of sports betting?

Sports betting legislation in Canada, US, Australia, and UK Markets have been advancing at varying speeds in the legalization of single-game betting. UK and Australia have been at the forefront of these developments since the early 2000s, while North Americans have been catching up more recently.  Betting on multiple sporting events (known as a parlay) […]

The Scotiabank Women Initiative

The Scotiabank Women Initiative supports Canada’s women-owned, women-led businesses. RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP Inc., working in conjunction with Scotiabank, conducted a survey of 1,000 small to medium-sized businesses or enterprises from across Canada, the analysis of which helped inform this report. This unique study advances new insights about gender differences in finance knowledge and confidence. We […]

media consumption across the globe

The way that people use various devices and media is remarkably similar across countries, but there are also some differences. The recently completed Global Media study highlights this point in the following topline report.  For a detailed report on Canada or any of the participating countries, please reach out to Chris Wiggins at

a survey you can’t see

Creating an online survey that is accessible to those with sight loss is more than just creating an online survey with large font. The partially sighted/blind use screen reading programs such as JAWS and ZoomText to read the question text and answer options aloud, and the current way online surveys are programmed doesn’t allow for […]

facebook scandals: will Canadian behaviour change?

Answer: Probably only the smallest amount. It seems that the benefits of social media outweigh the risks. In our latest round of Crowd Intelligence looking at the social fabric of Canada, Canadians predict that there is a high probability of two things: people will make some changes in their Facebook usage – but mostly small […]

Research Strategy Group goes Global!

We are pleased to announce that Research Strategy Group is the Canadian member of Associated Global Market Research.  This new partnership expands our reach into Europe, Asia, and South America, where we work with local, like-minded companies we know to deliver high quality results around the world for our clients. Watch for the upcoming Global […]

cannabis versus the social fabric of Canada

We won’t be any happier. Our recent study at research strategy group uncovered some fascinating insights on what people predict will happen to society upon the legalizing of cannabis. And the insights seem to be, well, very Canadian. Canadians seem to have overwhelmingly accepted the legalization of cannabis – predicting an 81% probability that it […]

cannabis vs everything

What will happen to consumption of alcohol once cannabis is legalized? Likely, nothing. With all the talk about the pending legalization of cannabis, many citizens, and industries, are curious as to the impact it will have in Canada.  Research Strategy Group continues to study this topic in great detail. Many alcohol companies in Canada are […]

Research Strategy Group goes to ICE 2018

Research Strategy Group’s Jim Peterson and Anne Coulter are in London, UK this week attending the ICE Totally Gaming 2018 Conference, one of the biggest Gaming conferences in the world! Are you in the gaming industry, and looking for an accurate way to predict which games will perform best? Check out Research Strategy Group’s Game Selector Model