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Five Steps to Superior Consumer Segmentation Research

The word segmentation is one of the most overused words in the marketing world today, and arguably one of the most misunderstood. In its most general sense, clients often think they have done a segmentation when they simply create groups of customers that are defined by some business metric. Typical groupings include ones such as […]

Research Strategy Group international at the Quirk’s Event in Brooklyn, New York

We were delighted to attend this excellent conference. There was a packed roster of engaging speakers armed with fascinating case studies.  The most noteworthy for us echoed the mission we have been on—and continue to be on—with our clients: Using emotion and journey-based learning to identify the “why’s” behind consumer behaviour; Finding ways to be […]

pets are human too

The pet food/pet care industry in Canada is worth more than 9 billion dollars and is growing at about 4% per annum. Canadians clearly love their pets, with the country being home to 10 million cats, 8.5 million dogs and a wide assortment of birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. Research Strategy Group asked several questions […]

cannabis versus the social fabric of Canada

We won’t be any happier. Our recent study at research strategy group uncovered some fascinating insights on what people predict will happen to society upon the legalizing of cannabis. And the insights seem to be, well, very Canadian. Canadians seem to have overwhelmingly accepted the legalization of cannabis – predicting an 81% probability that it […]

Research Strategy Group was pleased to be a presenter at AGLC’s excellent GameSense Symposium

Jim Peterson spoke on why social responsibility is a critical component of brand equity for gaming operators and regulators. Leveraged properly, social responsibility is an asset for the organization, strengthens your brand, and improves corporate image. When gaming organizations become champions for social responsibility, they will increase customer satisfaction, and open up more possibilities for the […]

stakeholder consultation can improve the outcome of your segmentation

A successful segmentation study is a true process of collaboration between a client and their research consultant. In a past blog post (secrets to a successful segmentation,, we discussed the need to engage in a stakeholder consultative phase. These are essential to launching a successful segmentation within your organization. This enables those who are conducting the […]
Man circling a group on people on a window

when normative isn’t normal

One of the most common questions asked of market research is “how do my results compare to others?”  In-survey benchmarking and normative data held by research suppliers are the most common ways to answer the question about your results relative to others. In this article we want to highlight some of the challenges that we […]

coming of age during the digital era

Eight years ago I packed up my life in Ontario and moved to Australia. I was an early 20-something seeking experiences and adventures as a backpacker. I knew no one, and spent a year traversing the country: the cities, the country towns, the outback, and the islands. The only technology I carried with me was […]

back to basics – power of a good old fashioned IHUT

There is no denying that the face of marketing research is evolving – new technology, mobilization of consumers, DIY platforms, virtual reality, and more.  We as researchers have to embrace these changes and find ways to leverage them within the business environments in which we operate.   However, there is still something to be said […]

secrets to a successful segmentation

“We need to update our segmentation” is often both one of the most exciting and painful phrases that a client-side researcher can hear. A good segmentation should be followed by a strong period of growth for your organization – why else identify and prioritize target segments if you aren’t going to build products and services […]