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Last month, RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP was delighted to present at MRIA’s inaugural webinar on “Best Practices in the Virtual Data Ecosystem: Ethnography to Focus Groups” – the first in a series on professional development in the market research industry. Anouska Gupta and Vanessa Campbell took an audience of over 100 attendees through applications and use […]
Ethnography and RSG

On the Road with Ethnography

Traditional ethnography requires a researcher to become immersed in a field-site for hours, days, weeks or even months to uncover anthropological insights through detailed observation, participation and interviewing techniques. Although business realities might limit the scope of “true” ethnography in applied research, at RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP we have adopted ethnography as a way of thinking […]
Spoke Club event

Spoke Club Event

            Kudos to Dr. Rimma Teper and Anoushka Gupta for their stimulating presentation on the intersection of behavioural science and ethnography! RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP regularly hosts informative events at the Spoke Club on King Street West. If you would like to be included on our invitation list, please contact Zlata […]

Why Small Tweaks Don’t Always Equal Big Changes: A Tale of Two Selves

Over the past decade or so, applying insights from behavioural science has helped us achieve remarkable things. It has helped US citizens save billions of dollars in retirement funds, increased organ donation rates and has even increased apple consumption among children! Some of these real-world applications are so impressive that they make behavioural science sounds […]

New! Introducing a different approach to ethnography.

Under the direction of Anoushka Gupta, we have combined traditional ethnography, social listening, netnography and documentary film reporting to bring our clients a new level of contextualized insights. To learn more about this exciting new approach, please get in touch with Anoushka at