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Last month, RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP was delighted to present at MRIA’s inaugural webinar on “Best Practices in the Virtual Data Ecosystem: Ethnography to Focus Groups” – the first in a series on professional development in the market research industry. Anouska Gupta and Vanessa Campbell took an audience of over 100 attendees through applications and use […]

New Hires in Design Research and UX Practice

            We are pleased to welcome two new members to the growing RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP Team! Tyler Gilchrist and Raya Kassam will be in our Toronto office, working in our growing design research and UX practice. Tyler joins us from the respected design firm figure3, where he was Vice President design […]

This is what we mean when we say VR gives us super-powers…

In designing a qualitative research approach, striking the right balance between ‘realism’ and ‘control’ – between capturing natural unbiased behaviours, and exerting the necessary level of environmental or experimental control – can be a challenge.  One of these comes at the expense of the other, so there’s always some kind of trade-off (see the accompanying […]

virtual ethnography, and what we’ve learned so far…

We have just completed a virtual ethnographic research initiative, designed to help our clients create an exciting new environment for their customers. And we are as excited as ever about the power of VR as a research tool moving forward. Leveraging the best of the emerging VR technologies, we will continue to evaluate and optimize concepts […]
Edison light bulbs hanging from ceiling

the power of prediction markets in concept testing

Everything is changing. Literally everything- and fast. New phones, apps, refrigerators, items you would never expect could innovate are doing so and it’s amazing to witness. The same is true of market research. We got tired of concept tests that frequently did not discriminate- that is until we discovered prediction markets. Research Strategy Group is […]

introducing our VR studio – deeper insights through VR

We are excited to have integrated a room scale VR studio into our offices, and of course into our research approaches.  With the help of our talented 360 photographers and 3D content developers, we are immersing research respondents into alternate worlds, to get new, richer kinds of consumer insights.  If you’d like to understand how […]

new frontiers with virtual reality

  All this talk of the iPhone turning 10 takes me back to my favourite time as a design researcher. A time when best practices weren’t yet established. A time when the market was so fragmented, physical keyboards were given the same attention as touch keyboards, and the stylus was in the running to become the universal […]

good design is good business

We are pleased to introduce our design research practice headed up by Vanessa Campbell.  With this comprehensive suite of offerings that spans the entire design and development process, we’re helping our clients frame opportunities to introduce new technologies, and helping them ensure their conceptualized solutions will be as desirable, useful, and usable as possible.  For […]