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Craft Beer Innovation in the United States

Although per capita beer consumption is trending slightly downward in major markets like China, Russia and the United States, some segments are growing and literally exploding with innovation. In the United States, much of this innovation is centred in the still growing craft beer segment. There are now 6700 craft beer companies in the market […]

Holiday Tech Gadget Winners

Canadian consumers are clearly gadget hungry. Over the recent holidays, stores were bulging with displays of everything from smart watches to digital pens to the latest Bluetooth earbuds. Competition for a slice of consumer holiday spending is always intense and every year a small number of gadgets generates major demand. Recently we asked questions about […]

A Cashless Online Banking World?

Research Strategy Group international recently used our prediction market platform to ask a sample of Americans some questions about banking and payments.  Probabilities for a number of outcomes were forecast. The resulting crowd predictions were closely aligned with other published research in the area. Results for three of the questions are discussed below. First of […]

facebook scandals: will Canadian behaviour change?

Answer: Probably only the smallest amount. It seems that the benefits of social media outweigh the risks. In our latest round of Crowd Intelligence looking at the social fabric of Canada, Canadians predict that there is a high probability of two things: people will make some changes in their Facebook usage – but mostly small […]