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Will cannabis change shopping?

Contrary to adjacent categories, Canadians predict cannabis sales will be greater online than in store. Noting reasons of everything from privacy to laziness, Canadians predict that one year after legalization, sales in Ontario at the government controlled OCS will be greater online than in the newly opened retail stores. While this seems intuitive, it raises […]

cannabis versus the social fabric of Canada

We won’t be any happier. Our recent study at research strategy group uncovered some fascinating insights on what people predict will happen to society upon the legalizing of cannabis. And the insights seem to be, well, very Canadian. Canadians seem to have overwhelmingly accepted the legalization of cannabis – predicting an 81% probability that it […]

cannabis vs everything

What will happen to consumption of alcohol once cannabis is legalized? Likely, nothing. With all the talk about the pending legalization of cannabis, many citizens, and industries, are curious as to the impact it will have in Canada.  Research Strategy Group continues to study this topic in great detail. Many alcohol companies in Canada are […]