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Amy Knowles makes GreenBook’s list of top blog posts

The influential GreenBook has published a list of their most widely read blog posts of 2019. Making the list is RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP’S own Amy Knowles. Amy penned The Robots are Coming: Look Busy! Which reminds us that despite the recent momentum of AI managing customer interactions, the value of human connection will remain essential. […]
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RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP and VEER AI Announce Strategic Association

RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP and VEER AI are pleased to announce a dynamic strategic association.  Research Strategy Group’s social science practice is now able to incorporate VEER AI’s advanced data methodologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning, with unique customer insights.  This offering allows Research Strategy Group to link custom research to big data, and to […]

FATIMA KHAMITOVA | strategic partner, AI

We are pleased to announce that Fatima Khamitova and Veer AI have formed a strategic association with RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP. Fatima is the CEO and co-founder of Veer AI – an enterprise software and AI company.  Fatima is a strategist who has spent her career transforming customer experiences using AI based tools. With significant experience […]

cannabis vs everything

What will happen to consumption of alcohol once cannabis is legalized? Likely, nothing. With all the talk about the pending legalization of cannabis, many citizens, and industries, are curious as to the impact it will have in Canada.  Research Strategy Group continues to study this topic in great detail. Many alcohol companies in Canada are […]