a survey you can’t see

Creating an online survey that is accessible to those with sight loss is more than just creating an online survey with large font. The partially sighted/blind use screen reading programs such as JAWS and ZoomText to read the question text and answer options aloud, and the current way online surveys are programmed doesn’t allow for these screen reading programs to work.

Below are the top 5 basic rules to start programming an online survey accessible to those with vision loss:

  • have a plain white background with black text
  • use font Verdana, size 16 with large spacing in between lines of text
  • write numbers in text form: “21” should be written as “twenty one”
  • no grid questions
  • no drop-down menus

There is a lot more to consider when designing a truly accessible online survey. Contact Le Le Mac at lmac@rsginc.net to find out how to create an online survey that the partially sighted/blind can navigate easily to provide you with valuable insight.