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Creative Designer Works on a Storyboard, Looks at His Sketches and Concepts, Choosing the Best Drawings for His Project. Video Editing, Comics Compilation, Application UI or Game Plot. High Angle

Message Model

Message Model measures the impact of communication elements to build a model that optimizes messaging.
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Discrete Choice Modeling

Discrete choice modeling most closely approximates target audience decision-making, resulting in a highly predictive, pragmatic behavioural model.
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Applied Ethnography

Applied ethnography discovers consumers' unmet, unstated needs by immersing, observing, and experiencing their lives as they do.
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Pricing Strategy

Optimize pricing strategies to achieve higher revenue and profits at the brand, portfolio or category level.
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Data Science & AI

In partnership with VEER AI, we provide seamless integration of custom research and big data.
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UX / Design Research / Semiotics

Design Research explores all aspects of your business that customers interact with to generate, evaluate, and optimize solutions.
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Journey Mapping

Journey mapping visualizes how a consumer acts, thinks, and feels during key interactions at various touchpoints along the path to purchase.
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Behavioural Science

Apply a behavioural science lens to uncover subconscious biases, triggers, and barriers in decision-making.
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Psychoanalytics uncovers the unconscious drivers of behaviour, and which are more stable, more predictable, more motivating, and most satisfying.
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Crowd Intelligence

Crowd Intelligence utilizes the predictive power of groups to provide more accurate feedback—for less cost—than traditional testing.
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