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Applied Ethnography

Applied ethnography discovers consumers' unmet, unstated needs by immersing, observing, and experiencing their lives as they do.
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UX / Design Research / Semiotics

Design Research explores all aspects of your business that customers interact with to generate, evaluate, and optimize solutions.
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Journey Mapping

Journey mapping visualizes how a consumer acts, thinks, and feels during key interactions at various touchpoints along the path to purchase.
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Behavioural Science

Apply a behavioural science lens to uncover subconscious biases, triggers, and barriers in decision-making.
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Psychoanalytics uncovers the unconscious drivers of behaviour, and which are more stable, more predictable, more motivating, and most satisfying.
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Strategic Foresight

With Strategic Foresight, you can contemplate multiple plausible futures to reframe strategy and innovation for resilience.