UX / Design Research / Semiotics

Design research is how we collect and synthesize insights that guide the design and development of new products and services.

Our integrated approach to Design Research supports our clients’ most prominent and complex development and design initiatives.

- comprehensive suite of offerings covering all aspects of a business that a customer interacts with, spanning all phases of design and development
- detailed (round-specific) findings are supported by: full suite of analytics, eye-tracking , traffic patterns/locomotion, hand/head motion and rotation, and video footage

We continuously experiment with and integrate new platforms and technologies in the areas of tracking, analytics, and VR/AR. We have designed and maintained custom, fully immersive, fully interactive environments for clients exclusive, ongoing use. Our commitment to innovation ensures designs meet the real needs of real people.

With Semiotics...
discover cognitive and emotional reactions to signs and symbols, then apply findings to convey the desired engagement.

When consumers see an ad, logo, or packaging, they experience emotions and perceive meanings. Semiotics explains which elements, or relationships between elements, bring about these emotional and cognitive reactions.

Semiotics uncovers brands’ subconscious communication with consumers, such as:
- emotional impact, emotional involvement
- appreciation or resistance
- main values conveyed
- perceptions of consistency with brand

Based on these findings, brands can optimize messaging to achieve maximum impact and convey the desired engagement.
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