reasons to use Social – Research Strategy Group’s online community

Can’t decide whether or not to use an online community for your next research study? Well, look no further! We have many reasons for you to consider Social, our online community platform. Take a look at our ever growing list of reasons to use Social.
  1. real engaged participants
  2. dynamic conversation/activities/interaction
  3. more strategic and tactical than traditional focus groups, interviews and bulletin boards
  4. longitudinal – allows for evolution of ideas, trends and well-formed opinions
  5. space where consumers can freely express thoughts, feelings and beliefs
  6. use of multimedia – discussions, thoughts, group work, pictures, videos, collages, polls, projective exercises
  7. immersion in the consumer world like never before
  8. good for tactical research and part of broader strategic business plan
  9. can be used for quick consumer pulses
  10. can be part of multi-phase studies: ideation, evaluation and refinement of ideas (co-create)
  11. will identify new product opportunities and benefits
  12. helps better understand consumer lifestyle, attitudes, behaviours, unmet needs and white space
  13. clients can unobtrusively observe consumer life
  14. receive relevant insights
  15. receive real-time insights
  16. get consumer opinions that directly affect your products
  17. excellent for interactive ideation
  18. can iterate product concepts
  19. can iterate ad campaigns, social media strategy and tactics
  20. use for trend spotting
  21. have directional insights in-hand when timing is critical
  22. easily explore consumer attitudes and behaviors
  23. quickly develop your campaign with real-time feedback
  24. quickly test multiple logo or package designs
  25. studies simultaneously conducted over a variety of countries

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