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exceptional work / exceptional people

We pride ourselves on being one of the most agile full-service research consultancies in North America. Our philosophy of “whatever it takes” is ingrained throughout the organization and everyone ensures the client is always put first.

Our exceptional client work is delivered by our dedicated team – an incredible roster of talented professionals.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Our office is open plan for a reason. Everyone is accessible to help each other out because we believe that this results in better outcomes for our clients and a better environment for our team.

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We offer high quality medical and dental benefits as you would expect. We also give allowances for employees to spend however they want on a full range of health and wellness benefits – gym memberships, yoga, meditation, etc.

Fresh fruit, weekly cocktail hours, lunch and learns every couple of weeks, meals when working late or on weekends, espresso machine, weekly meditation, quarterly team-building events (ask about our trip to Manhattan), paid cellphones, time off through the week to manage personal appointments - kids, dentists, doctors, lawyers – and lots of time off at Christmas, early Fridays before a long weekend.

And because we work hard, we know how important a supportive environment is, so you will always be treated with the utmost respect, your ideas will be welcomed and quite often implemented.

The best part of the office, though, are our resident French Bulldogs, Carsen and Sydney. They love a good cuddle, game of fetch, or chilling out with us during staff meetings.

Carsen and Sydney. Amazing Office Dogs.