A pharmaceutical company explores the patient journey while preparing to launch a new molecule

Exploring the patient journey: understanding interactions, attitudes, and perceptions help us identify key decision point, barrier, and actions

A pharmaceutical company was preparing to launch a new molecule into a well-established and crowded market. In preparation for launch, they needed to gain an understanding of the experiences of patients living with this condition including touch points, key decision points and actions throughout their journey to understand the potential for their product.

We conducted in depth interviews with patients to understand their experiences and perspectives from initial symptom presentation to treatment, the HCPs they interacted with, the nature and scope of these interactions, and where the opportunities present for a new entrant in the market.

This enabled us to understand and leverage patients’ needs to uncover where the client would have the most impact for creating interest in their product.  We identified time sequences, HCP touch points, high points, crisis and barriers on multiple levels – behavioural, attitudinal and emotional – and uncovered drivers of therapy initiation, switching and discontinuation, as well as in-depth understanding of and insights into patients fears, unmet needs, and desires at various points throughout their journey.

We provided a hierarchy of actionable accelerators for and barriers to garnering interest in this new molecule and identified the optimal way to position the molecule to patients.


About methodology used:

Journey Mapping