multiple points of view: using a collaborative approach

As researchers, we put a great deal of trust in our methodologies and sample sizes. We would never make a recommendation or provide insights based on a sample size of one. Whether working on quantitative or qualitative studies, ensuring we get a robust sample of respondents that provide multiple points of view is critical in ensuring we achieve accurate and valid results.  This maximizes the likelihood that we provide the best insights and recommendations to our clients at a confidence level we are comfortable with.

So what about our research approach?

We apply the same line of thinking here at Research Strategy Group.  Taking a collaborative approach when we create research plans, design questionnaires and discussion guides, analyze findings, and write insights for our clients, ensures multiple points of view and perspectives resulting in a higher level of thinking and stronger research outcomes.

Access to team members with unique expertise, backgrounds, and viewpoints allows us to generate ideas and solutions far superior than what can be achieved by a single researcher alone.  A team collaboration session allows us to work together to brainstorm better ideas and solutions taking into account our variety of knowledge, expertise and skills, as well as our different and unique perspectives.  We draw on the strengths and skills of multiple members of our team to create and deliver the best research for our clients.

And the benefits go far beyond what we deliver to our clients…

We, as a company and as individuals, also benefit from this approach.  By sharing knowledge, working together, and seeing how others approach and manage problems we are all given the opportunity to further develop our skills and knowledge base. When we work well together we increase our motivation, we learn from each other, and we develop and foster a culture of continuous learning and growth.

And, after all, isn’t a team of motivated and engaged heads so much better than one!