join the Research Strategy Group team!

We are currently looking to fill three positions at Research Strategy Group, and you could be one of our new team members.

Research Strategy Group Toronto is looking for three interesting people to add to our team:

  • Senior Vice President
  • Associate Vice President
  • Sales Associate.

All three need to be ambitious go-getters who welcome a challenge, and who want to innovate constantly while building a different kind of research company.

If you like rules, bureaucracy and formulas, or want cradle-to-grave security, or are looking for a place where you can be complacent and settle in for a nice comfortable run, we’re not for you.

On the other hand, if you like a challenge, crave a little bit of risk for a lot of reward, believe that research has to innovate to be relevant, and want to build your own future, you should consider joining us.

Which job should you apply for?

If you’re a first-class researcher, with lots of client relationships and the need to lead, ask about the SVP position.

If you’re exactly like the SVP, but without the years of experience — and you want to be the next SVP — then apply for Associate VP.

Finally, if you can sell research products, then let’s talk about the Sales Associate position. (If you have a couple of years of Neilsen experience, that would be great.)

We know that the research business is increasingly multidisciplinary… It’s also been disrupted by technology and invaded by non-researchers, so if you have digital, agency or analytics experience, that will also be seen as a positive.

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