Global Trends: Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Global Trends

Consumers around the world are working towards healthier diets and lifestyles

Through Research Strategy Group’s association with Global Market Research,  we recently participated in a wide ranging study to understand consumer attitudes on healthy eating. The study – conducted across 16 countries and 4 continents – uncovered differences in consumer attitudes, motives and actions.  Key highlights included:

  • Across all the markets, only about half of consumers felt they were in good or excellent health.
  • The importance of improving one’s diet is acknowledged in every market surveyed. Consuming more fruits and vegetables, and more fresh natural food generally, is seen as the best path to healthier eating.
  • Not surprisingly, avoidance of fried foods and excessive carbohydrates were also widely identified as necessary for healthier eating.
  • There is a marked effort to reduce sugar consumption in all countries included in the study. Sugar reduction efforts include eating less candy, reducing the consumption of soft drinks and juices, and cutting down on mass produced baked goods.
  • In terms of chronic conditions, stress and hypertension are most prominent overall, although in North America depression is also at the top of the list of chronic conditions.
  • Respondents across all markets recognize the importance of water consumption to ensure good hydration.
  • People in all markets surveyed genuinely want to eat healthier to avoid weight gain, to feel and look better and to lower to probability of serious health conditions in the future.

Healthy Eating Global Trends

Here is a link to a summary of the Healthy Eating study

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