getting value from your online community

Whether you have decided to start an online community or if you already have one on the go – how do you get the most value from the community?

Here at rsg, we have formulated a method using our insight community platform, rsgSocial, to maximize value from a relatively small group of people.

There are 4 ways in which we do this:

  1. Screen participants to meet to your objectives and needs
    • We have sourced opinionators, trend setters, patients, B2B and just regular people for our communities – all carefully screened to ensure they meet client needs.
  2. Build relationships with community members
    • We know that when we build rapport with community members and encourage them to do the same with each other, trust, true candour and openness emerge.
  3. Give the community time
    • We have conducted short communities (2 days) and very long ones (10 weeks+). We know that allowing the community time to “mature” offers opportunities to build on learnings, results in thoughtful and complex opinions which, in turn, lead to highly relevant and sometimes unexpected insights.
  4. Engage community members
    • The most important way you can maximize value from the community is to actively engage them. At rsg, we provide around the clock moderation by our experienced Humanists who know exactly how to keep the community actively talking and participating.

To learn more about rsgSocial and what online communities can do for you, contact us!