FATIMA KHAMITOVA | strategic partner, AI

We are pleased to announce that Fatima Khamitova and Veer AI have formed a strategic association with RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP.

Fatima is the CEO and co-founder of Veer AI – an enterprise software and AI company.  Fatima is a strategist who has spent her career transforming customer experiences using AI based tools. With significant experience in a variety of consumer categories, she has delivered client roadmaps spanning a full range of services including marketing and operations.

Prior to Veer AI, Fatima spent 5 years in the consulting field, focusing on strategic marketing projects that specifically leveraged her expertise in data science and machine learning. She led teams to build customer segmentation-based journeys, helping guide customers along an optimal journey to maximize value for her clients. Fatima’s consulting clients included a diverse mix of Fortune 500 corporations and high growth start-ups.

Before her graduate studies in analytics, Fatima spent time at an incubator enterprise in Milan, helping start-ups in categories such as fashion, retail, fine arts, and luxury goods. Fatima also worked in London and Zurich in the investment banking industry.

She has brought her expertise and Veer AI capabilities to a strategic association with RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP.

Outside of work, Fatima loves fine arts and ballet.