facebook scandals: will Canadian behaviour change?

Answer: Probably only the smallest amount. It seems that the benefits of social media outweigh the risks.

In our latest round of Crowd Intelligence looking at the social fabric of Canada, Canadians predict that there is a high probability of two things: people will make some changes in their Facebook usage – but mostly small things – and that it is highly likely these scandals will just blow over without any substantial change. Interestingly, although our current Facebook behaviour might be hard to give up, perhaps Canadians are becoming a little more cautious if not more skeptical. Facebook introduced its Facial Recognition program to Canada this year, and Canadians predict a low probability that users will opt-in. Touted as a platform to help privacy, Canadians just might be thinking that privacy is not the only reason behind its introduction.

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Source: Research Strategy Group, Canadian Intelligence Report, Toronto: June 15, 2018.