ERICK ODUOR, PhD | vice president, UX

Erick is a user experience researcher who focuses on contextually understanding user needs in the areas of  concept ideation, product design, prototype validation, and overall implementation of improved digital experience for product users.

Erick holds a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from Simon Fraser University (Canada), and  MSc in Intelligent systems design from Chalmers university  (Sweden. Erick worked at IBM Research and IBM Data & AI teams in the areas AI, Automated Machine Learning tools, and conducted UX research for IBM SaaS products.

Erick focusses on understanding the social practices around technology use through interdisciplinary research that spans the areas of computer science, interaction design, social psychology, and anthropology. Erick has also published several research works on how to design technology that is applicable for client solutions in healthcare, financial inclusion and AI.

By applying contextual research to understand how users perform various roles while using technology, Erick supports our clients by applying research methodologies that inform the design of solutions that bring the digital experience of users to life.